Why E-Cigarettes are Different from Normal Cigars

You must have seen the recent development in the smoking industry and you may have been so curious to understand the technology behind all these. If you desire to understand exactly what the e-cigarette is, this article will definitely help you to understand it fully, its functionality and the technology behind this. If you also need to make comparison between the normal cigars that you are used to with the electronic cigars, this is the right place to do all of your research. It is important to highlight that both the normal cigar and the electronic ones are used to enable you inhale the tobacco.

Tobacco contains nicotine that is known to cause some special sensation that makes you feel relaxed. It therefore doesn’t matter which method you are using to inhale. The normal cigar involves a simple technology that only aims at burning the tobacco so that it can produce the smoke for your inhaling. On the other hand, the electronic cigar involves the special liquid that is obtained from tobacco. The device is then heated electronically so that it can burn up the liquid up to the vaporization. Once it vaporizes, you will then have your smoke and enjoy inhaling it. The following are some of the components of the e-cigarettes that can make you understand it much better than this;

  • Mouthpiece
  • Sensor
  • Heating element


This is the part of this cigar that you need to place your mouth ready for inhaling. It is a special part of the electronic cigar since it enables you to initiate the process of smoking. However, it is also important to note that this particular part of the e-cigarette contains the sensor. It is the role of the sensor to detect that you are about to smoke. Once the detection has been done, it will then trigger the heating element to begin the vaporization process. The process will then produce the smoke that you need for you to feel the nice sensation that you would have felt while you could have opted to smoke your normal cigar.


The sensor is available to initiate the burning process. Just like when you need to smoke the normal cigar, you will have to look for the matchstick or even any source of fire for the lighting purposes, the sensor will be used to initiate the ignition process. You will therefore be ready to receive the vapor after the e-liquid has been vaporized.

Heating element

This is the most important component of all the components that are available in this cigar. The role of this element is to initiate the burning of the e-liquid to the required temperature so that it can vaporize up. Without it, then it cannot be possible because you will not consume row tobacco. It therefore ought to be vaporized for easy inhaling. You will also be required to ensure that the device is always charged. Its battery should be charged regularly to avoid disappointments whenever you need to enjoy inhaling.